Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is a very important component of the garage door which is primarily responsible for opening and closing the door. You can find many brands of openers which would fit various makes and models of garage doors from the numerous online stores selling garage door parts and accessories. There are mainly 3 types of garage door openers you can find in the market. These are the electric opener, the jackshaft opener and the remote control openers. The electric openers of garage door which was first invented in the 1920s are still very popular can be operated with a switch. The jackshaft opener which is presently being used in a lot of residences comes with a special motor attached alongside the torsion rod. One needs to open or close the door by spinning the torsion rod. The remote control openers are the most popular kind of garage door openers which are considered to be real smooth operators. The remote control openers are not only very easy to install and operate but are also silent.

The openers of garage doors are meant to last for many years yet one needs to have the garage door serviced and tuned up from time to time to ensure smooth functioning. Every time the door to your garage opens or closes with great difficulty or fails to open altogether, then it is time for you to consider a garage door opener replacement. You can either choose to buy the opener on your own from a retail or online store or have it bought by the repairing professionals. Prolonged use of a garage door with a defective opener would not only worsen the condition of the opener but can also cause the entire door to malfunction. Rather than going for a replacement of your entire garage door you can just have the opener replaced at a fraction of the cost. Chamberlain and Liftmaster are the two most popular brands of garage door openers but they are not the only ones. Ideally the opener of your garage door should perfectly integrate with the automation system of your residence. The best brands of openers also include a timer which would allow one to automatically close the door on leaving the garage. Certain models of openers even provide the user with options of multiple entries and keyless remotes. Expensive garage door openers also come with back up powers which would make sure that one never gets locked in during a power cut.

The garage door which consists of over 300 intricate parts is a very complicated device which is surely the largest single moving object within your house. Therefore handling it requires a lot of skill and experience and amateur handling is discouraged at all costs. Unprofessional handling of garage doors might end up collapsing the entire door or lead to damage destruction and serious physical injury for the bystanders. This is why the task of garage door repair is best left in the hands of a professional.